Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Where is all the outrage!!!!

I really am starting to feel like I'm the only one shocked and amazed by what is happening in Iran.

They took what from who? They've kept them for how long? Why isn't any one else outraged?

All we get is one lousy CNN story a day?

Where is the "IRAN PRISONER CRISES DAY 4" headline? Well, let me tell you. No one wants to put up the illusion that there may be in issue out there, somewhere, that we all agree on. In today's political world, the only thing worse than being Bush, is looking like you agree with Bush. We can't possibly all be outraged together. We tried that after 9/11 and look at the mess we've gotten ourselves into.

We are a two party country. We must make sure we appear divided on everything. You don't want to be the one to concede the other side is right because that means you've lost.

What a sad way to go through life.

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