Friday, April 28, 2006

A Simple Request

All all you unindicted co-conspirators who read the blog but are too timid to make posts, now is the time, if ever, to stand up and speak your mind!! (Don't try to hide either; we know you're out there b/c we just added a site counter.) With the majority of LYMA's "standard fare" bloggers out of commission for at least another week due to law school finals, it's up to you to keep the banal observations and whiny criticism going at the steady rate it's been recently.

And for those of you who are afraid that someone will respond to your post by tearing apart your logic and leaving you shattered and in tears: don't worry...S, the Czar of Religious Conviction and arbiter of all speech not conforming with the LYMA creed, will spring to action on your behalf and extinguish those comments with his flaming sword of damocles!! (that's what he calls his mouse).


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