Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Want to know the REAL cause of Islamic protests? It's the booming Danish flag industry

Ok, so I was watching the news on this whole cartoon thingy, and all I can see is burning Danish flags in every picture. I was in the process of shaking my head in confusion at the seemingly adolescent display, when it hit me - Where did they get all those Danish flags? I live in D.C., and I've seen all of two or three Danish flags in all my time here. It seems like every family in some of these countries had a Danish flag to spare. But wait! They couldn't possibly all have Danish flags lying around, could they? Forget diplomacy, all we have to do is shut down whoever is shipping all of these flags to the Muslim world and we will stop riots. I really think that if we can just take away all the flag-fuel for their fires, things would just work themselves out.


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At 2/10/2006 01:52:00 PM,

Great point. I think that the only Danish flags I have ever seen have been on fire. It seems likely that Denmark has a stake in the Danish fleg business, maybe by inciting the anger of the extremists they are profiting. Lesson: If you own a flag store, offend the extreme Muslims.




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