Sunday, September 25, 2005

Rough Stone Rolling

For those of you copiously salivating over the imminent release of Bushman's book, you may be interested to know that in a recent forty minute dialogue with Harold Bloom (in which he repeatedly addressed me as "my child":), he informed me that he is currently reviewing the biography for Sunstone. He forewarned me, however, that it is "not nearly so lively a book" as was Fawn Brodie's. That's all; I have nothing polemical to bring up...chalk it up to the mind-numbingly liberal rhetoric I find myself indundated with on a daily basis...I hope I can still think after graduation! Watch for the review.


At 9/26/2005 12:03:00 AM,

Can't wait.

At 9/29/2005 12:50:00 AM,

I basically plan on barricading myself in a room with several days worth of food, and an equivalent supply of Adderall and swallowing the book whole. Okay, so that's probably not what will end up happening. I'll probably buy it and read through it slowly, in bits and pieces. But I like the idea of swallowing it whole. And barricading myself inside a room.

At 10/19/2005 09:46:00 AM,

I tried to limit myself to just reading RSR on Sundays with my wife, so that I would focus on reading my required assignments for law school.

I couldnt take it anymore. I broke down yesterday after the midterm and just about finished the book. AMAZING!




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