Monday, September 26, 2005

LYMA Version 2.0 (aka....we're not on "the fence" any more)

LYMA has failed, but I'm convinced things are going to change. The bad news is that I am now fully inundated with first-year law school reading requirements, but the good news is that the ideas seem to be flowing (though who knows when I'll have the time to write them down) and, more importantly, I've met some fellow "progressisti" (progressives) who seem to have much more interesting things to say than I do. Hopefully, they will liven things up a bit, and if not, I guess we won't be much worse off than before, will we?

I must warn you folks though. One of my new fellow 1L's, Sheldon, has more insights than you may be able to handle; he is a giant. And though he may be a blog-rookie, his dialogue skills in general will swallow you whole.

I'd like to make a slight apology is for those of you who aren't in law school (are there any of you still out there?). My paradigm is being tinkered with a little here, so if LYMA gets to law-heavy, just keep on ignoring the posts....that shouldn't be too hard.

S.....why don't you tell the good folks about your Scalia/Holmes theory?

BTW, Diedrie (I assume) thanks for the info on Bloom. I think he's right though, biography without armchair psychology is just history.....who needs that??


At 9/26/2005 09:47:00 PM,

What Chris MEANT to say is that "Sheldon combines trivia with arrogance and tries to pass it off as intelligence..." That being said, stay tuned for trivia on Holmes and Scalia, the great dissenters (but not great at much else).




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