Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Four More Years of Giggles and Backpacks.


Who are these people who yell this? And after 228 years of democracy can't they come up with a better chant than that?

As I write this, I stare bleary-eyed at the monitor because, for some reason, I had to stay up until 2 AM to watch talking heads rehash the same predictions and truisms I've heard every day for the last six months. Frankly, I have to admit I'm a little disappointed--not because Kerry lost, or because Bush won, but mostly because I'm a "change for change sake" kind of guy. Oh well.

My only election related thought is this: "Jon Stewart--2008". Washington takes itself too seriously. The media takes itself too seriously. People in general take themselves too seriously. I guess that's what bugs me about Bush so much. Every time I hear him talk, I can't help but chuckle because the man is so determined to be serious. Jon Stewart is the only guy out there who can laugh, and I want a president who can laugh. I'm serious about this!!

The whole thing is like High School on so many levels. You know when two idiots "step-up" to eachother in the hallway because one doesn't like the other's backpack. Everyone else is so busy scratching and clawing to watch these two yokels beat on eachother that they ignore the fact that they look like a bunch of monkeys drooling all over themselves.

So what did you fellow blogger-monkeys think of the elections? Any facinating insights you heard on CNN but want to pawn off as your own? Your thoughts, please...


At 11/04/2004 04:51:00 PM,

I had to stay up late too, but was emotionally drained by 11 PM, so I ended up falling asleep on the couch until 1:45 AM like a 12 year-old boy.

My only comment is that when you have to watch CNN for a long time straight, get out your Scrabble board. It helped calm my nerves while still letting me get the news I couldn't turn off.

In a weird metaphor for the nightmare of all presidential elections, I scored 258 and my roommate scored 256. I won, but neither of us felt like the winner and neither got the magic 270. 

Posted by Jason Kn

At 11/08/2004 06:34:00 PM,

If y'all want to see another republican victory, and with a huge margin at t hat, nominating Jon Stewart might be the way to go, with Michael Moore as his running mate. Similarly , if Hillary Clinton is the nominated one. I sure wish my party woudl pullits head out o fits a** and do soemthing correct for one, instead of behaving like petulant, teenagers!!!! 

Posted by ronin




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