Friday, September 10, 2004

We've been discovered!

Check it out:


At 9/10/2004 05:34:00 PM,

It would be nice to see a post that explains more about who you guys are, how you created your group blog, etc.


At 9/11/2004 03:02:00 PM,

We're so low profile that I didn't even know that we were low profile. Well, once you've told, you've pretty much told everyone.

At 9/11/2004 07:07:00 PM,

Haven't we been listed on the Times & Seasons sidebar for at least a month, not to mention the recent T&S proclamation of LYMO as one of its "Bloggernaccle children"?

Plus the ubiquitous Kaimi referred the entire world to our blog for JD's Woody Allenic Movie post, and Janelle's post "Inferior" was co-listed on a T&S discussion of the treatment/self-image of women in the church.

I thought we were known, is my point. All apologies, if they are in order, to the rest of the Bloggernacle if we breached blog-etiquette by hanging out here on our own.

And while we are at it, anyone (at least almost Anyone) who wishes can join any discussion we have. Don't make an ass of yourself and you are more than welcome at our blog.




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