Thursday, July 20, 2006

It's the most wonderful time of the year...for him

Yesterday, I had a shocking reminder that my husband’s favorite season is closing in on us. Although months away, small signs of its approach are beginning to appear; talk of changes in television programming for next season, Monday night in particular, Chris’ plane ticket purchased far in advance to share that special day with close friends, and shifts in apparel from this season to next, hats being the first to be traded in. But the shocking reminder was an article on entitled “Passing TD Leaders: Palmer’s Second”. Yes, it’s true, Fantasy Football Season will soon be upon us, though there are still several months between us and the official beginning.

Perhaps some of you can relate to the delight that Chris takes in this mother of all Fantasy sports. Unlike his Fantasy Hockey team, his two Fantasy Basketball teams, and his two Fantasy Baseball teams (and almost NASCAR, which I was able to talk him out of, because really, one has to draw the line somewhere) which are really just filler to pass the time until football season, he takes his Fantasy Football team seriously. Starting as early as possible, there are the stats of the players to look up, print offs of potential draft picks to fill out, a special draft day to be attended (he is actually flying home for a wedding and should be there for the official draft day among his close friends), specials on ABC Sports to watch, articles in Sports Illustrated to read, internet articles on injuries to be perused, and then the season starts. It’s really one of the more intensive activities he’s involved in. It’s right up there with a little thing we like to call law school.

I think that his involvement in this is great for three reasons. First, anyone who knows Chris knows that it’s hard to get him worked up about something. His mellowness is one of his defining features, so to see him step out of character and get truly excited about something is fun and somewhat amusing. Second, it’s one way that he is able to keep in touch with friends who he only sees once or twice a year. Not only do their teams play each other, but there is a comment board where they can chat. After all nothing keeps the bond between friends alive over thousands of miles more than insults and abuse posted online so that everyone can see no matter where they are. Finally, because we watch football whenever it’s on so that Chris can find out how his team is doing, I don’t feel so bad when I make him watch a chick flick.


At 7/20/2006 07:25:00 PM,

Fantasy NASCAR?! God help us all

At 7/21/2006 12:52:00 PM,

This post is HILARIOUS!!! Ah the joys of fantasy sports. Do guys really know that they are "FANTASY" leagues, they aren't real!!!

Thankfully we don't have too bad an obsession of that at our house. You can come over and watch NORMAL TV at our house if you want!!!

At 7/21/2006 01:07:00 PM,

First of all, Fantasy NASCAR is nothing compared to Fantasy Bass Fishing, Fantasy Ping Pong, Fantasy Rodeo, Fantasy Big Game Hunters, and Fantasy Paintball.

You should consider yourself lucky!

Besides many wives would be happy to spend the evening with their husbands, warm under a blanket, watching the great american pasttime.

If he switches from fantasy sports to fantasy RPGs then I'd get worried. Or even worse, those blasted Pokeymon cards or Magic cards.

At 7/22/2006 01:34:00 PM,

I like this guy's style. speaking of fantasy football, I thought this was funny.




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