Thursday, June 01, 2006

One Verse at a Time

Just wanted to post part of the email text from one of my employees for the summer. I thought it was rather inspiring. So much so, in fact, that I'm now 3 days into 'his' program. We'll see how it turns out.

He writes:

"Yes it is true I am working on memorizing the Book of Mormon. Do not be too astonished. I am not that far in yet. Thomas S Monson said that if you memorize a verse a day for a year then you will have a picture perfect memory. How cool would that be. So I am doing it. I started when I was on my mission but then after memorizing maybe the first two chapters I started memorizing other things. You know poems, patriarchal blessing, and the such. then I kind of fell away for a long time. Then this years new years resolution was to do it completely for a year. I am currently 13 chapters into [it].

"My method includes every morning I wake up and memorize the verse. Then the hard thing is not the memorizing part it is the retaining part. So every night I rehearse the last three chapters I have memorized. Then every sunday I rehearse the whole thing from chapter one. It takes a lot of time, but it is not too complicated.


"Why am I doing it? You may ask (You have not yet but you may someday.) Well I am not sure. It could be several reasons. 1 I really do love the scriptures and your understanding just opens right up even more when you memorize it. They become your words. You know how they say when you read the scriptures it takes on new meaning everytime. It is the same with memorizing except it is twice as frequent and twice as deep. 2 That picture perfect memory sounds awesome doesn't it. I mean I would never have to study as hard for tests. I'd be able to learn more and retain more. Knowledge is one of the few things you do get to take with you to the post mortal existence. 3 Maybe I am just lazy and do not want to have to carry my scriptures around. Nah that can't be it. Could it?"


At 6/02/2006 12:44:00 PM,

Hi Siyadow,

This could definitely come across the wrong way in print, so I want to disclaim from the start that I am not challenging your assertions--or your employee's assertions--in anyway.

That said, do you know if the statement from Thomas S. Monson about memorization is printed anywhere? I would be really interested to read more comments from him about memory because of his reputation. I have read in his book "Inspiring Stories that Build Faith" (or something like that) that he memorized the General Handbook of Instructions so that he could mentally smuggle it into Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Pretty impressive.


Posted by Jason Knapp

At 6/02/2006 03:39:00 PM,


I have wondered about that as well, which is why I hesitated at first in posting his entire comment. As far as I know, it could be one of those quotes running around the MTC that inspire us to do better (like the endless Packer quotes); however, I'll spend some time looking into it.

Either way, it's a pretty impressive goal - and regardless of the memory promise, having the Book of Mormon committed to memory itself would be of huge benefit.

I'll let you know if I find anything.




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