Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Hanso Foundation: Merging Technological Mediums

I figured that before the next episode comes out this week, I needed to make a public confession. No, not that I'm a LOST addict - in fact, I'm proud of that title (along with many of you, I'm sure). No, not that I dread returning home on Wednesday night anywhere after 8:30 ... just to be sure. Not even that I forced my roomies to watch every commercial in hopes that a new Hanso Foundation Ad would be broadcast.

My confession comes after all that. This last week I was SO excited about the "Dharma experience," that I immediately went online (yes, imagine me computer in lap as I'm watching the episode... I'm a nerd) to start plugging in codewords and keys. I publically apologize to my roomie, and seek forgiveness of the LOST Gods for becoming SO wrapped-up in the online LOST experience that I missed about 5 minutes of the actual episode. Luckily my roomie has an acute technological addiction, so it was easy to rewind; however I'm sure Mr. Ecko would not be pleased to hear my confession that I missed his ever-crucial dialogue with Locke in the new hatch.

(Oh, and at this point I'm not worried about spoilers of any kind. I figure if you haven't seen the episode by now, you have larger problems in your life than me.)

I have since thought over this and wondered how idiotic it is that the very thing that would drive me to jump online (namely the mystery, hints, and excitement of the show), is something I would so easily sacrifice. And that I would do it during an episode.

But on a larger scale. I am amazed at the position that the producers are putting us into by saying that this online game is going to be a link between the 2nd and 3rd seasons. Of course the Hanso/Dharma/Internet experience can't be necessary - not everybody is going to choose to do it, and they don't want to confuse the viewers at the outset of the 3rd season opening. But at the same time, I'm sure many other people Crave that extra info - the possibility of finally figuring out all of the mystery. It's impressive to me that the world is coming to the point where these two technologies can be so easily merged. (definitely a step up from the text-voting of American Idol) I wonder what's in store for us next... or even next Wednesday for that matter.


At 5/15/2006 07:13:00 PM,

Here's what scares me about lost, I remember how crappy the X files got toward the end and I know TV's love for milking a show for all it's worth, I worry that they will stretch it until I no longer care. Right now I'm really into it, but if season four, five, six, roll around and they still aren't getting to the point it will be trouble. This article kind of made me feel like they are going to milk it, not really sure why.,6115,1193284_3||1045714|0_0_,00.html




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