Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Let me be COLD!

Don’t know if anybody noticed the column that our beloved SBA president wrote earlier this week, but he made reference to the temperature conditions in the school.  I found it to be particularly humorous because I started reading it after miserably failing to get any work accomplished in the depths of our library’s upper furnace (aka, reading room).  It’s impossible to study up there.  Much less when I’m trying to study Contracts.  I keep dozing off and dreaming about Wilmarth with a Mohawk.  
I think I now know what Hell must feel like.  Scorching temperatures of sun-like proportions, mixed with utter despair and complete inner turmoil of anticipated failure.  My only consolation to the idea that Hell is supposed to be eternal is that I’m trying very hard to be a ‘good boy’.




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