Wednesday, June 29, 2005

We're inactive

Well, we have known for a long time that we haven't lived up to the blog ideal. In a lot of ways we've fallen short, and needed extra help. And maybe during the hectic weeks of spring and summer we haven't fulfilled our weblogious duties, and our blogging percentage wasn't even close to 100 last month.

But in a slap in the face that is probably pretty stale, we have been labeled "less-active." And we all know that is just a euphemism for yesterday's cruel term, "inactive." Which conjures up images each of us sitting around on couches, watching TV, reading books, spending time with loved ones, enjoying nature, or working to earn a living instead of diligently drafting posts for a thankless blog.

And who is casting this stone? Who else but our elder brother, Times & Seasons. Of course, they've had it easy from the start. They've got philosophers and attorneys, published authors economists, feminists and literati. They've never felt how it is be just a couple of jerks who happened to serve missions in Rome, plus a few friends that have been sucked in. They have always been the most talented; had the coolest friends with Ken Jennings responding to 12 Answers, Phil Barlow, Kathlene Flake, and Armand Mauss answering 12ish Questions, the Bushmans guest-blogging; and been a lot smarter, while about the coolest thing ever to happen to us is when JD accosted Harold Bloom on the sidewalk in New Haven (which, incidentally, totally ruled!). (I know any true compositionist would abhor my doing this, but totally off-topic, JD also somewhat accosted Jan Shipps at the Worlds of Joseph Smith Conference, and told her that he was her "groupie." Good one!)

Sure, we can do better--but is labelling us as somehow inferior the way to encourage us to blog up to our potential?


At 6/30/2005 11:11:00 AM,

Welcome to the bloggernacle. 

Posted by Kim Siever

At 6/30/2005 12:50:00 PM,

Thanks, Kim. We've been around a while, we just don't do very much.

Jason Kn

At 6/30/2005 03:18:00 PM,

Actually, I was saying it in reference to T&S.

At 6/30/2005 03:36:00 PM,

Oh, I see, I was under the presumption that I was the only one that used sarcasm in a blog.

Jason Kn

At 6/30/2005 04:10:00 PM,

Hi Jason,

No offense intended. I was trying to figure out a way to organize our way-too-long sidebar (a product, in part, of the number of new LDS blogs that people have started). And I thought that it made sense to put blogs that hadn't posted in a month or two in a separate group, so that the "Mormon Themes" list wouldn't take up more than a page by itself.

Given the recent burst of posts, I'll remove LYMA from the "Less Actives" group, and reassign your beleaguered home teachers to another less active blog.

At 6/30/2005 05:26:00 PM,

Kaimi, I was *totally* horsing around (i.e., joking) with this whole post. And most of the elbow-poking was to my co-bloggers because we never produce and are conscious of our production failure.

Further, it was an admission that T&S has so much more cool stuff (though I haven't seen too many 12 questions installments lately) than we do. And it has the critical mass of commenters.

We don't really care where we are on your sidebar--I just noticed it and I thought it was hilarious that we were less-active, so I tried to apply somewhat-common church less-active rhetoric to the bloggernacle.

That said, please don't waste a possibly-billable minute switching our link; as a law student, the thought that my horseplay could waste your time fills me with unquenchable guilt. Plus, we are almost guaranteed to drift away again. I am frankly surprised you or anyone saw this post!

Thanks a million, Kaimi. You are the best home teacher a less-active blog ever had.

Jason Kn

At 7/06/2005 12:12:00 PM,

Of course we don't think less of you less active blogs. You have sweet spirits!

Would you mind if we visited you in your home? 

Posted by Adam Greenwood

At 7/07/2005 01:25:00 AM,

Pretty hilarious, Adam. Yeah, you can visit. Just please call ahead so we can hide the Coke cans; spray febreeze in a vain attempt to hide the smell of cat urine; and put our scriptures and the Ensign on the coffee table to offer you physical evidence of our righteousness.

And bring treats.




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