Thursday, June 30, 2005


I have had a blog renaissance, in case anyone besides Kim Siever, Kaimi, or Chris is reading. It has extended so far as to cause me to start the first "Feature" on our little blog here. I call it "Mormon Trivia." Like some of you, I am inexplicably obsessed with LDS History. It's not necessarily a religious quest I am on; it just really interests me. As I explained to a recent date (which, I admit, was a sociological gamble), I am obsessed with it. Literally obsessed. Who else has felt the need to check 5 times a week over the last 2 months for updates on the page devoted to Richard Lyman Bushman, Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling? (By the way, they have recently posted an image of the book's cover, and now have listed the publication date as September 27, 2005 rather than October 4, 2005--a week earlier!)

So with that in mind, as I read, as I cruise the internet, as I discuss and contemplate, I will post on some things that I come across and consider
pretty interesting. I will be reasonably judicious, I will steer clear of the uncouth, and will cite my references. If you are over 25 and well-read in New Mormon Studies, you might yawn at every one of these, and retort with a phrase such as, Tell me something I don't know. So be it. Feel free to comment on the subject matter, or share your further wisdom with the rest of us fledgling obsessees.

Until next time.




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