Saturday, September 11, 2004

Hark, O Students of Mormon Studies

I wonder how many bloggers in the house are current students (undergraduate or grad-level) that engage in some level in Mormon Studies. Have you written something of scholarly quality in this vein? Are you researching in any of these areas? Please let me know.

I, Jason Knapp, took my BA in English from BYU am starting my second year at BYU Law. I'm taking a class from (Ancient Laws in the Bible and Book of Mormon) and researching for Professor John W. Welch, and I hope that Fred Gedicks will present an encore seminar on "LDS Teachings and the Law." My main interest in Mormon Studies is LDS church history, with interest in the Book of Mormon as literature, its doctrinal explications, and its rhetoric.

I have informally discussed with Jack Welch (who is also Editor-in-Chief of BYU Studies) and a few other interested students the creation of an electronic "Student Journal of Mormon Studies" [name tentative] that would be student edited and would operate under BYU Studies. Professor Welch was interested in the idea, and invited me to submit a proposal to BYU Studies. As part of that, I would like as many cohorts as possible to help get this started. Please Introduce yourselves to me and tell me about your interests and your work.

I hope that somehow (Kaimi? Are you there?) as many students as possible with any kind of interest in Mormon Studies or Mormon Arts (History, Humanities, Divinity, Philosophy, Classics, Linguistics, Ancient History, Political Science, Law, and everything else I won't take the time to think up or list here) will comment here with their name, school, major/program, and areas of interest. Additionally or alternatively, I am emailable at "schiavodiroma" at the not-so-new-anymore "".

Thanks, Jason


At 9/11/2004 10:14:00 PM,

I'm interested in this sort of thing but I am not a student anymore. (Kaimi is not a student either.) Are you looking specifically for students?

At 9/13/2004 09:54:00 AM,

john fowles: kind of yes and no.

EDITORS: What it will probably take to get BYU on board (strong emphasis on the probably) is to make this project an extra-currical but really useful program for faithful scholars. I imagine that we will need a top tier of editors (Editor-in-Chief, Executive Editor, etc) at BYU to run the thing and work with BYU Studies as necessary, but I would like to end up with an editorial board of interested and decently qualified students/grad students from as many different universities with as many varied specialties as possible.

SUBMISSIONS: Probably the one limitation to submissions would be (generally) that university professors should probably publish elsewhere (maybe with some exceptions). This journal will probably be a student-edited forum for student papers. So the fact that a person has graduated, but has written or begun a good paper during their education probably shouldn't preclude that paper's consideration here, as long as that person is not teaching at a college or university (in which case we would be in significant conflict with the current, print BYU Studies, and might have a hard sell as to why BYU should sponsor another journal).

I know Kaimi is graduated and employed--I was making a plea for his help in spreading the word.

At 9/22/2004 02:09:00 PM,


Sorry for the late comment. I'm here, but work has been hopping lately, and I've barely had time to read my own blog, much less surf anywhere else. (It's a peril of being a lawyer).

I'm happy to publicize this effort. I'll put up a link at T & S.

As for my own interests, I don't know if they're particularly scholarly; I'm interested in LDS interactions with law, LDS political views, and church history.

At 9/23/2004 09:35:00 AM,

Jason, please count me in!

Ronan James Head
BA Ancient History, Birmingham University
MPhil Oriental Studies, Oxford University
PhD (in progress) Near Eastern Studies, Johns Hopkins University

My (main) Mormon interests are: Church history in the United Kingdom, the temple endowment, Book of Mormon studies (particularly the Jaredites).

I've been a FARMS Nibley Fellow for 4 years.

At 9/23/2004 11:35:00 AM,

Jason -- Sorry to take so long in responding to your post. I'm very interested in participating.

BA Philosophy, Columbia University
PhD (apps in progress) Political Theory

I am interested in religious identity and its effect on political decision-making, the history of political reponses to religion, and the Bible as English literature.

I have some editing experience:
Editor, Columbia Undergraduate Philosophy Review Vol. II, 2003
Editor-in-Chief, Beneficence: The Undergraduate Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 2001-2002.

I'm also good friends with Brian Birch Director of Religious Studies, and Dennis Potter Director of Mormon Studies, both at UVSC (relics of the program Gene England started several years ago). I know you're looking for BYU contacts, but I don't have any. Let me know if there is any way I can help out with your project.

Note: CUPR's Vol. II is conspicuously absent from the website. I've already contacted the web-developer about it.

At 9/23/2004 12:17:00 PM,

Jason, I'm definately interested, though my limbo status right now won't allow me to claim any student status more than that of consummate bibliophile. Unlike the rest of these guys, I don't have any real qualifications either, but I am interested.

At 9/23/2004 01:24:00 PM,

Thanks for the responses (hopefully they will keep on coming).

To clarify, I hope we can get as diverse a group of student editors and contributors as possible. So if you attend BYU, great, BYU will probably want the involvement of a number of its own students if it is going to support this project, and if you are at another university, also great and not at all a problem.

At 9/23/2004 11:43:00 PM,

Mike Pope said...

I am an undergraduate currently studying Classics at BYU with the intention of graduating April 2005 (this is pending on one class for which I may be deficient come April). I am focusing my degree on Greek, Latin, and the histories of Greece and Rome.

Six months ago Dr. John Hall of the Classics and Ancient History Department hired me and two other undergraduates to assist him in researching for the BYU New Testament Project. The project's aim is to produce a set of New Testament research volumes for those interested in a deeper study of the New Testament (including historical context, translation issues, and discussion of LDS doctrine). We are currently working on the Epistles of John and we will follow the Epistles with the Gospel of John. Consequently, I have spent the last several months researching Johannine scholarship and first century Christianity. In addition to Johannine writings I have spent much time pursuing an ever-broadening search into what can be termed a proto- or pre-Christian Gnostic culture into which Christianity was born. Currently I am engaged in trying to piece together how various 'gnostic' influences (e.g. Samaritan issues, Alexandrian/Ephesian Jewish issues, Hellenisic mystery cults, anti-temple Jews, eastern mysticism, and the problems surrounding the disciples John the Baptist) affected John's ministry and writings.
I am also interested in third and fourth century Christianity and the various power players of those time periods (Eusebius, Origen, Clement of Alexandria, Constantine etc.). I also enjoy weightlifting, football, watching espn, gardening, and reading.

At 9/24/2004 11:10:00 AM,


BA Theatre Arts BYU
MA Children's Theatre BYU
PhD Educational Theatre NYU (ABD, working on the D)

My background isn't as scholarly in Mormon-related studies as everyone elses, but if you need someone for education, the arts (esp. theatre), or things to do with children, I'd be interested.




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