Tuesday, August 03, 2004

in response to the aforementioned threats

so, my question is this...did the recent "threat" as it was so called on national news really instigate such public upheaval? from what was said in dc and nyc, there was a little more security, other than that--life progressed as it should. not that i necessarily agree with the stance taken by our dear president bush, as i think this was partly done to aid in his campaign, however, the question still presents itself as to how much upheaval this actually caused.


At 8/04/2004 09:50:00 AM,

People in New York are more jumpy than you might imagine. The new threats were definitely the main topic of conversation on Monday and I know more than a few people that went out of their way to walk or take the bus in order to avoid the subway (for some reason terror threats always make people nervous about the subway). Things have calmed down now and I wouldn't describe what occurred as "upheavel", but were all definitely more nervous than usual.




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